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What is the quickest way to reach Skar Jewelry?

The quickest and best way to reach us is by email

I want to purchase a gift for someone. Will there be prices in the package? Can I write a gift message? Do you gift wrap?

Skar jewelry is the perfect place to buy a gift for a loved one or friend. Jewelry gifts do include a receipt with the order number but there are no prices listed. If you wish to include a gift message with your jewelry purchase let me know in the notes section at checkout. Skar jewelry is not actually wrapped in gift paper, however, each piece is beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving.

What does gold plate mean? Is there real gold in it? Will it tarnish?

Electroplating is the process that covers a conductive object with a layer of metal using an electric current. Our gold plating is 98+% pure gold with a small amount of metal alloy to create the 14k gold color.  Please note: When other companies claim to have 18K or higher karat plating it does not mean there is more gold content in the plating. It means 18k or more will be a slightly different color than 14k. Usually more of a deeper gold or orange tone. The gold content is very nearly the same in each karat and color of gold plate. We use a high thickness of gold plating on all of our plated pieces and they are considered to be high quality, long lasting pieces. With correct care they should not tarnish and should last a lifetime.

What does "distressed finish" mean?

Most Skar jewelry pieces have a distressed finish. Expect some uneven surfaces, pits, bumps, scratches and my impressed fingerprints in the textures and on the body of most of my work. The models are made in clay and formed by my own hands, then cast in metal using the lost wax casting process. If you are expecting a mass produced, machine made, perfect look...Skar jewelry may not be a good fit for you. I make it a point to not create jewelry that looks machine made. Instead, I embrace the beauty in the imperfections of the materials I use and the unpredictable nature of creating art with my own hands. If this method resonates with you, you will love your Skar jewelry.

Can I get one of your styles made in gold?

Some of our styles are available in 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k, green gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum metals by custom order only.  Email us at for more information.


Can you size my Skar ring?

My rings are made in whole sizes only. I may be able to size your ring a half or full size up or down depending on the design. Basic ring sizing starts at $35 but may cost more depending on the specific design. Some styles do not have a sizing option due to design elements. I do not size rings that have not been purchased at Skar. For ring sizing inquiries email me


Can I wear my jewelry in the water?

For the longest life of your piece, jewelry should be kept away from excessive temperatures, perfumes, chemicals, salt water, swimming pools and direct sunlight. Certain styles we create are water friendly and that will be noted in the product description.

Do you create custom designs?

We are taking a break on custom orders (fabricating brand new bespoke designs). We will still take custom orders for solid gold jewelry styles that are in our permanent collections. Also if you'd like to customize a group of specific pendants, charms or gemstone beads to wear on a chain, we'd be happy to help. Custom orders can take from 4-6 weeks or more. We require a 50% deposit for all custom orders. Email us at for inquiries.

Are you affiliated with any other artists on Nantucket?

NO. Our Signature and Nantucket styles are unique and distinctive. We are serious when it comes to enforcing intellectual property infringement. Our designs are protected and registered with the U.S. Copyright office. We only sell our jewelry through our authorized retail accounts, at and in person at our trunk shows. If you see duplicated Skar pieces being offered at stores that are not on our authorized list of retailers please report the infringement to us immediately. In the age of fast fashion, it's time to take a stand. No matter how badly you want it...stolen is stolen. Period. Only buy from reputable artists. Do your research, ask questions and be aware of the merchandise you are purchasing.